mPlan : Draw electrical diagrams – schematics  on android devices

Draw electrical diagrams – schematics on mobile phones

mPlan is app for drawing electrical diagrams on touch devices.
As you probably know it is very hard to actualy draw something
on capacitive touch devices.

But with mPlan that’s very easy and simple.
We implemented a virtual joystick for easily drawing lines and connections

All parts are grid-snap and you can easily position them.

There is dozen of parts in “Parts Library”.

Try it yourself and give us a feedback

Cheers! :)

Note : app should not be used on devices under 480×800 resolutions.
Please read in-app help before do anything to learn how to use it

There is market Qr Code :







Or Visit : Market Link



20 Responses to “mPlan : Draw electrical diagrams – schematics on android devices”

  1. PNG generates a black background not the best for printing.
    Can you add some genetic circles. rectangles in a couple of sizes? I can label as required. Drawing an instrument panel.
    Very difficult to select especially to get rotate,copy, delete bar any secret to selecting?
    Suggest add part, add part to just above virtual mouse which would follow mouse position instead of placing part on drawing in top LH Corner.
    I will be purchasing but would like to see your thoughts on suggestions
    Sony Tablet S

    • Hi,

      Can you please explain me more about this question:

      “Very difficult to select especially to get rotate,copy, delete bar any secret to selecting?”

      What is happening in more details?

      It should be easy – click on part, menu is shown up ,click one of these options :”Rotate”, “copy”, “delete”-

  2. Do you an Ipad version software

  3. First question is, How much does the non-trial version cost?
    I’be looked on Google but there is nothing about prices, just a commit to buy button. Kind of scary.
    what is your warranty – return policy?
    Is it possible to have colored wires & if so, how many colors are available?

    Thank you

    • It is $4.80, you can see that information from “BuyFullVersion” dialog without actually buying it.
      Google merchant service is not yet available in our country, so we use paypal.

      No colored wires for now, it will be available in future versions.

      Kind Regards

  4. What does the full version get you? Are there more “parts”? I’m looking for more HVAC controls related parts (temperature actuated switches etc). Is it possible to add parts with the full app?


    • There is no more parts in full version. You cannot add more parts for now. That’s the feature that will be available in the future I hope so.

      Best Regards

  5. These are the symbols I need

    I will buy the full version right now if you can add these, and I know many others that will also.

    BTW the line color window keeps getting stuck and won’t go away.

  6. Is anyone reading this? No reply for several weeks now.

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